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About Us

The College of Education was established on June 5, 1955, the same year that the Provincial Taiwan Normal College became what is currently the National Taiwan Normal University. The College of Education initially had five core departments: Education, Social Education, Physical and Health Education, Home Economics Education, and Industrial Education. Today it has seven departments, all of which have graduate schools offering Master’s and PhD degrees. It has also continuing education Master’s program.

The College of Education at National Taiwan Normal University, being the oldest national education institute in the country, is exceptional in size, faculty and student performance. Many of our alumni are contributing to a better learning environment in Taiwan, whether as officials in governmental agencies, presidents at universities, academic researchers in the field of education, or teachers in both the public education system and private institutes. In addition, the college has earned an international reputation in academic research by issuing four journals listed in the Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index (TSSCI). The College of Education ranked in the top 22 institutions of its kind in 2015, according to the QS World University Rankings, beating out all other education universities in Asia.

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Dean Prof. Hsueh Chih CHEN(from 2016)

Associate Dean Distinguished Prof. Jong-Long GUO(from 2016)

Associate Dean Prof. Chin Ju MAO(from 2019)

  Dean Period
1st Prof. Pei-Lin TIEN 田培林教授 from 1955
2nd Prof. Bang-Cheng SUN 孫邦正教授 from 1970
3rd Prof. Guo-Ding LEI 雷國鼎教授 from 1975
4th Prof. Jian-Ho HWANG 黃堅厚教授 from 1981 
5th Prof. Jung-Hua CHEN 陳榮華教授 from 1986
6th Prof. Guang-Hsiung HUANG 黃光雄教授 from 1992
7th Prof. Qing-Shan LIN 林清山教授  from 1995
8th Prof. Yu-Ti LIN 林玉体教授 from 1998
9th Prof. Wu-Dian Wu 吳武典教授 from 2001
10th Prof. Han-Wen Yen 晏涵文教授 from 2004
11st Prof. Jung-Guei HE 何榮桂教授 from 2007
12nd Prof. Yu-Wen CHOU 周愚文教授 from 2010
13rd Prof. Tian-Ming HSU 許添明教授  from 2013






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